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Top tips to embrace variety in your diet

They say that variety is the spice of life. It is definitely great for your diet. Imagine if you ate the same thing every day. You’d miss out on key nutrients. And there are so many wonderful fruits, vegetables, and even grains and proteins that you probably haven’t tried.

The following tips will help you embrace variety.

1. Three Different Colors – Each day, try to eat vegetables that are three different colors. For example, if you ate broccoli, spinach, and green pepper then you’re not getting color variety. However, eggplant, spinach, and a red pepper gives you variety.

2. One New Fruit or Vegetable – Hit the supermarket and seek out something that you haven’t had before. Try a star fruit or a plantain or a Kabocha squash. It’s fun and it’s a good way to get variety.

3. Beans – There are 40,000 different types of beans. While you’ll be hard pressed to find most of them in your supermarket, there are probably beans that you’ve never tried. Include beans in your weekly menu and broaden your horizons.

4. Ethnic Foods – Many people love to eat different types of food, but they may not explore them often. When you embrace ethnic foods, you automatically begin to eat different food types. Popular choices are Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Thai, Mexican, and Italian. And why not try Vietnamese, Greek, Lebanese and Middle Eastern food? There are amazing recipe sites online and it’s a great excuse to go out to eat.

5. Try New Recipes – You probably have a dozen or so family favorite recipes. Start adding to that list. For example, you might add one new recipe each week. As you begin to broaden your collection, you will automatically begin to try new foods and new combinations of flavors.

Eating a variety of different food can be fun.

It should be delicious. And it should be good for you. There are simple steps that you can take to make sure you get the nutrients that you need each and every day. Embracing variety is just one way to enjoy complete nutrition.

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