For Better Health And Vitality Pro-Active Nutrition Is The Key

Because of ignorance and inadequate information on pro-active nutrition and downright laziness millions of people are leaving themselves open to chronic illnesses.All because they want develop a healthy living plan that include regular exercise and a plan of pro-active nutrition for better health and vitality.

Check out the video and see what health professionals are saying about Pro-Active Nutrition for better health and vitality

Health surveys show that the incidence of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is higher than ever before. This can be attributed largely to the state of our diets that are woefully inadequate in nutrient-rich whole foods. The reality is that most of us have turned the healthy food pyramid upside down—too much of the wrong stuff, not enough of the right stuff!

•90% of us don’t eat the recommended 5-13 servings of fruits and vegetables
•70% of us admit to eating foods that actually contribute to poor health
•Less than 1 serving of whole grains are consumed on a daily basis—many don’t even get that
•Protective lipids and sterols have been stripped from whole grains to increase their shelf life
•Many don’t eat fish due to concerns about the presence of heavy metals and contaminants
•A majority of people are below the estimated average requirement for some basic, essential vitamins and minerals

Pro-active Nutrition Can Optimize Health And Vitality

Leading global health authorities like the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and American Heart Association agree that the key to better health and vitality in preventing disease and promoting health is weight management, physical activity and eating a nutrient-rich diet that includes whole grains, fruits & vegetables and fish.
I’m not trying to scare anyone,but I do want you to understand this – “your good health is a very valuable asset” and I don’t want you to blow it when all you have to do is get off the couch ,get some exercise and develop better eating habits.It’s for your better health and vitality.You’ll thank me later.

Now that I’ve got you thinking of your health and vitality,take a look at this video :

This is just information for better “health and vitality”.I hope you will take it to heart.Before you leave,let us know your thoughts on this subject – leave a comment or share it with a friend.

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Pro Vitality-Proactive Nutrition For Lifelong Health And Vitality

Health surveys reveal that the incidence of chronic illnesses for example heart disease, cancer, and diabetes is greater than in the past. This is often credited largely towards the condition in our diets, that are woefully insufficient in nutrient-rich whole foods.

        • 90% people don’t consume the suggested 5-13 servings of fruits and veggies
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• 70% people admit to eating meals that really lead to illness

• Under 1 serving of whole grain products are consumed daily many have no idea have that

• Protective lipids and sterols happen to be removed from whole grain products to improve their shelf existence

• Many don’t eat seafood because of concerns about the existence of chemical toxins and pollutants

• Most individuals are underneath the believed average requirement of some fundamental, essential vitamins and minerals.

The issue and also the solution both appear to stay in our meal. Altering your diet might help improve our health and vitality considerably.

Pro-active nutrition

Leading global health government bodies like the world health organization, centers for disease control, American heart association, national cancer institute, and American diabetes association agree the answer to stopping disease and marketing health is weight loss, exercise and eating a nutrient-wealthy diet which includes whole grain products, fruits & veggies and seafood.

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