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All About Natural Health & Wellness And The GNLD Family Brand Equity

For many years, we’ve proudly represented the name – GNLD – a title that reflects the unification of three formerly independent companies: Golden, NeoLife, and Diamite. The direct results of this unification was to solely concentrate on the GNLD title,with virtually no reference to the former company names.

Today, we’re returning the Golden,NeoLife, and Diamite company names in the form of brands.These brands are proof of our heritage in addition to new strides into the future.

GNLD Brand Equity

Through researching the market and exploration we’ve recognized these brands still carry a lot of brand equity within the many regions which were first introduced to our products prior to the formation of GNLD.We intend to take advantage of this untapped brand equity in addition to concentrate on building elevated recognition in our group of brands in all regions that we operate in.

The GNLD Group Of Brands

The reemergence of the GNLD group of brands is going on with the rebranding in our nutritionals and home care  product lines. Golden now signifies the house care and our dietary items now come under the excellence from the NeoLife brand. GNLD will remain the company’s name under which the others reside.

Many other successful companies have adopted this strategy such as PepsiCo, who has brands like Aquafina, Quaker Oats,and Frito Lay. Even other companies in the direct selling and health and wellness industries have embraced a family of brands.

Distributors all over the world have been requesting a strategic move like this one and we feel now is the perfect time to implement it. For our customers we are confident that this decision will lead to great opportunities among distributors and in the industry. We thank you for your dedication to GNLD and look forward to a bright future as we take this journey together.

Joe L.Golson
Independent GNLD Distributor

Knowledge Of Nutrition – The GNLD Difference

The GNLD Difference


Knowledge Of Nutrition

Diet would be the meals you eat, and nutrition is what your cells really receive. GNLD scientists always give plenty of thought to what happens to a  specific nutrient once it’s consumed.

In the way of the nutrition absorption

What problems are likely to decelerate the digestion of the particular mineral? What obstacles stand in the way of the nutrition absorption? When the complaints are actually recognized, attention is particular upon techniques of dealing with useful advantages of product effectiveness inside the body’s natural processes.

To enhance our using supplemental minerals,GNLD items provide related diet that assist digest minerals and/or aid their absorption. For instance, in Neo-Cal we add vitamin C to boost calcium absorption and betaine hydrochloride to help calcium digestion. Similarly, we have included vitamin D in Cal-Mag to assist mineral utilization in people who’s unlikely receiving enough vitamin D inside their diets.

GNLD Raw Material Selection

Although all minerals are inorganic, GNLD seeks to make the most of minerals from organic sources as possible. For instance,calcium may be situated in your yard or acquired from organic sources for example seashells. GNLD selects to make the most of calcium carbonate organically derived raw material base because of its calcium supplements. This different provides several talents.

Extremely important is purity. Mined calcium carbonate may have small numerous additional conditions, both desirable and undesirable, including aluminum and lead . Our high standards for purity and our low tolerance for pollutants steers every selection of recycleables used in GNLD products.

When creating GNLD’s mineral supplements, our Scientific Advisory Board looks first to natural sources. For example, seashells provide GNLD Multi-Min’s calcium, whereas algae provides its iodine. Once the organic source isn’t available, we look pure, high-quality, pharmaceutical grade minerals.

Experience The Difference

Daily Carotenoid Complex

90 capsules, case wt. 3.1 lbs.

100% fruit and vegetable-based powerful antioxidant protection
More Information


Chelated Cal-Mag® with 1000 IU Vitamin D3, Tablets

150 tablets, case wt. 3.7 lbs.

Double amino acid chelated Calcium and Magnesium with 1000 IU vitamin D3 for optimal bone health
More Information


Omega III Concentrate

60 capsules, case wt. 3.2 lbs.

Supports heart health, joint mobility, and brain function
More Information


Salmon Oil Plus

90 capsules, case wt. 4.3 lbs.

All 8 members of the omega-3 fatty acid family support heart health, joint mobility, and brain function
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Neo-Lax 90 tablets

90 tablets, case wt. 1 lb.

Unique synergistic blend of herbs supports natural bowel function during occasional periods of irregularity
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What are vitamins – how do they help keep us healthy

GNLD is at the forefront of scientific research

Whereas minerals come from earth elements, vitamins originate from plants and creatures. With couple of exceptions, your body cannot make  them, therefore we must consume them in meals or supplements on the regular and continuous basis.

Vitamins are crucial for normal body function, including growth, repair, and upkeep of tissue. They’re directly involved with metabolic regulation, energy and enzyme production, reproduction, vision, digestion, glandular activity, detoxification, immune function, along with other vital processes.

Some vitamins are needed for that purpose of enzymes, which make it easy for your body to handle the majority of its biochemical responses. Vitamin B6, for example, is needed in excess of 1 / 2 of our body’s enzymatic responses, including the majority of individuals including the metabolic process of amino acids.Similarly, the B-vitamin folic acid is needed through the enzymes that biosynthesize our genetic material (DNA).

Vitamin A, 10,000 IU

250 capsules, case wt. 3.7 lbs.

Unique water miscible vitamin A supports healthy vision, bones, and skin
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Some vitamins will also be anti-oxidants, safeguarding against highly reactive free-radical molecules connected with cellular damage and disease. Toxins constantly form in nearly every cell from the body in an astonishing rate. If their target is DNA, the probability of cancer increases. When the target is low-density lipoprotein within the bloodstream, the probability of coronary artery disease and it is effects increases.

Super B Threshold Control

180 tablets, case wt. 5.0 lbs.

Slow release, threshold controlled formula for energy, vitality, and optimal health
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Inadequate vitamin intakes can result in classical deficiency signs and symptoms, including scurvy (resulting from insufficient vitamin C), beriberi (thiamin), pellagra (niacin), blindness (vitamin A), and rickets in youngsters and osteomalacia in grown ups (vitamin D).

Super C Threshold Control

430 mg., 200 tablets, case wt. 5.1 lbs.

430 mg of vitamin-C; threshold controlled sustained release for 6 hours or more
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Even marginal vitamin inadequacies may, with time, lead to serious conditions. Suboptimal vitamin intakes happen to be connected with cancer, cardiovascular disease, stroke, brittle bones, cataracts, macular degeneration, and lots of other chronic illnesses.

Chelated Cal-Mag® with Vitamin D, Capsules

150 capsules, case wt. 4.6 lbs.

Double amino-acid chelated calcium and magnesium with 400 IU vitamin D for bone health
More Information

Vitamins are generally water-soluble (B-complex vitamins,vitamin C) or fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E, K). Your body are only able to store fat-soluble vitamins. As water-soluble vitamins can’t be saved, any portion that’s not immediately used is removed.

When the body receives more nutrients than it can use, it rapidly excretes the rest. The result? Expensive urine! To resolve this problem and make sure you get the greatest nutritional value from the supplements you take, GNLD researchers developed a special matrix which gradually releases vitamins over a period of six hours or more. The resulting “Threshold Control” formulations allow for the dependable, regulated release of nutrients. With waste minimized, nutrients are made available at a steady rate.

GNLD’s exclusive NutriMax Process was designed to retain the maximal nutrient value of certain raw materials. This process protects potency and freshness with oxygen-free encapsulation.A GNLD innovation in manufacturing, the NutriMax Process is used in the production of our world-renowned and proven effective Carotenoid Complex™.

The GNLD Scientific Advisory Board has worked hard to formulate vitamins and related food factors that you can count on time and time again. Their efforts have not been in vain. Safe, effective, and biocompatible, GNLD supplements are now the global standard for quality …  Enjoy GNLD Products in good health!

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For Better Health Consider The Nutritional Power of the GNLD Breakfast

So many people are frequently pressed for time in their daily lives. Everyone has several commitments that must definitely be fulfilled, and due to a lack of time many are made to choose from convenience instead of  good quality when it comes to foodstuff.

It’s no wonder that many of us question whether we are getting enough of the right nutrients to support our health and wellbeing and energy source. Research has shown that 90% of us don’t take in the right kinds of foods that will support good health, and 70% of individuals admit  to eating foods that actually contribute to illness.

We can, and should, take the time to be familiar with what we are eating, especially to avoid contributing to the likelihood of unhealthy weight as well as high numbers of  long-term disease that are currently developing every year.

Everyone should know the significance of good nutrition and a safe environment. Nonetheless, so many products today create so many claims that you need to exercise your mind prior to making the right ways for your body, your home, and your family.In 2008, over Thirty five million men and women worldwide perished from chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, as well as diabetes. By the year 2015 this number is expected to increase to over Forty million.

Total, convenient, everyday nutrition to begin your day can be obtained with GNLD products. The particular newly improved Pro Vitality preserves the actual nutritional heritage of the essential vitamin and mineral complex from Formula IV Plus, using added iron to support electricity.

When associated with a GNLD protein shake, your nutritional benefits are many, which includes quick and sustained energy from a balance involving macronutrients, micronutrients, and nutrients, as well as long term health defense against the incidence of long-term disease.

The truth is, with the GNLD Breakfast you may get high quality necessary protein without the extra calories, fats, sodium, and cholesterol in the typical National breakfast. Plus, one’s body will benefit via whole grain fats and sterols in which support cell nutrition, antioxidant protection from complete food acquired carotenoids, all 8-10 omega-3s involved in human being nutrition for you to balance and also regulate the cells, plus 21 essential vitamin supplements to protect wholesome genetic content and feed the cells.

For over 50 years, GNLD has provided families with nutritional supplements reinforced by our Scientific Advisory Board that can help fill the gap between what we are suppose to get and what we in fact do get from our diets.

You could go against suggestions and omit breakfast, leaving you without energy to get through the evening; you could have the normal American breakfast that’s laden together with saturated fats, or you can choose to start off your day along with GNLD and aid support preventive measures against long-term disease. It’s your Choice”You Decide”.

GNLD Breakfast Nutrition Information:

  • 140-220 Calories
  • 9.5g-18.5g Protein
  • 0g Cholesterol
  • 3g Fat
  • 1g-2g Fiber
  • 0g-370mg Sodium


  • Important lipids and sterols to promote cellular nutrition*
  • Carotenoid Complex blend for cellular antioxidant protection*
  • Omega-3 fatty acids including EPA, DHA and DPA to balance and regulate the cells*
  • 21 essential vitamins and minerals to nourish the cells and protect healthy genetic material*



For Better Health and Wellness Don’t Skip Your Vitamins And Minerals


A lot of individuals nowadays wish to make their health better. No matter exactly how you transform, from TV to newspapers, you’ll see posts concerning individuals as well as specifically how bad their very own wellness actually is. For much better wellness and also wellness do not skip your vitamins and minerals

Although there are numerous firms available that offers vitamins and minerals supplements and proclaim that they will make positive changes to healthy and balanced, you’ll have to research the important things they supply to ensure you aren’t simply squandering your money.

If you are looking to improve your wellness, you’ll have to consider many vitamin supplements to discover which ones function most ideal for you. You could need to look at every little thing available, and not just try a few to see what will happen. Dieting is the ideal location to start, as it might get the most renovations on your health. Diet programs can modify your body, and also make you feel a lot much better as well.

Presently, a great deal of folks eat a substantial quantity of sugary foods and also sugar, picking improved products over ideal food options. Even though it isn’t really a bad point to enjoy sugary foods and chocolate, you need to never make a routine out of it. You can still enjoy your chosen foods also, although you should be checking out the healthy essential things about food too as well as think of every little thing all at once.

If you include healthy and balanced types of foods such as salads, vegetables, and also fruit in your diet plan, you’ll be consuming healthy. Healthy protein is likewise great for your wellness, as it promotes the development of your muscle mass. Those people, that are seriously curious about consuming healthy and balanced however they are uncertain how to begin, ought to get in touch with a nutritional expert. They can tell you where to begin, as well as how you can attain a healthy diet which will chance your life time.

Despite the fact that you could be keeping a healthy diet or wanting to consume healthy, you’ll possibly discover youself to be wondering about vitamins and minerals and also simply just how much of a direct influence they carry your very own diet. Dieticians are excellent to talk to these kinds of questions, as they could answer any type of inquiries concerning vitamins that you have actually. They can also tell you which supplements are excellent to your wellness, as well as those you should make use of in your diet plan.

Differing individuals will certainly have different requirements along with, making it essential to get guidance from a certified expert. If you acquire the guidance from the specialist, you’ll recognize extremely well exactly what you could include for a diet regimen. If you are trying to do it all on your own devoid of the recommendations of the professional, you have the ability to wind up to not obtain enough in your day-to-day diet, or you might end up taking something you should not be taken.

Being active is likewise crucial for a diet plan along with your health and wellness. Although vitamins will go a considerable methods, exercise will certainly perform a whole lot for your. If you exercise frequently, as well as consider the best vitamins with your diet plan, you’ll observe that you have a lot more power and you are really feeling better than you have in your very own life.

Before you begin together with your new diet or rush out as well as buying your brand-new nutritional vitamin supplements, it is best to consult your doctor first to ascertain if he has any recommendations. You also needs to tell him which kind of exercise you are planning on doing, and see if you will find any complications using your health.

Getting a healthy lifestyle is always a great thing, while you should always seek advice from your doctor. By doing this, you’ll know the easiest way to start and the ways to go about getting in the best shape of your life.

For the nutritional health supplements information you need to make the right decision about the vitamins and minerals you need  in your daily dietary intake – Download a Free Essential Vitamins Report

Recent Study Reveals Most Frequent Users Of Nutritional Health Supplements

A recent research released by The Council for Accountable Nourishment (CRN) analyzing nutritional wellness supplements use by healthcare professionals throughout the United States shows that as opposed to the ideas of numerous, medical professionals, registered nurses, as well as other healthcare experts are in fact both making use of and also advising dietary supplements – dietary health supplements.

“It reconfirms exactly what GNLD Researchers and also Researchers already knew: that dietary supplements, dietary health supplements or minerals and vitamins are really conventional in the United States.,” claimed CRN vice head of state of communications Judy Blatman.

For many years media and also others with an anti-supplement predisposition promoted that there was a lack of acceptance of supplementation by the supposed mainstream medication, however Blatman claims this may not be nearly as widespread as when thought.

According to the CRN, the study shows that an almost equal variety of doctors and also nurses personally utilize nutritional supplements regularly, occasionally, or seasonally. The study results exposed 72 % of physicians and 89 % of registered nurses take nutritional supplements, which is a higher percent than the 68 % of grownups who reported taking dietary supplements. “They may question them a lot more, yet at the end of the day they are still taking them,” Blatman claimed of healthcare professionals.

Possibly even more unusual is that not only did the study expose that 72 % of physicians utilize supplements and also 85 % recommend them to their clients, yet that of the 28 % of physicians that do not use supplements, 62 % still recommend them.

Approval by informed as well as forward-thinking wellness professionals of GNLD products as well as foundational viewpoint of “Based in Nature, Backed by Scientific research,” is not new. For decades, it has been exactly what brought in a number of our Scientific Board of advisers (SAB) members, consisting of globe distinguished cancer researcher Dr. Arthur Furst as well as our numerous Wellness Professionals Council (HPC) members, to GNLD.

A lot of these respected experts have actually been Distributors and product individuals for twenty years or more. The concept of concentrating on nourishment in order to make best use of health and also vitality was so basic to their thinking that the entire food supplements that GNLD products offer was a noticeable and sensible daily program. Combine that with the comprehensive clinical proof that shows GNLD products work and also these wellness professionals have come to be among our strongest proponents.

Why You Should Fill Your Child’s Nutritional Gaps With Dietary Supplements


“Exactly at the time when young bodies’ dietary needs are
best, lots of cannot acquire all the nutrients they require every day. Shortages of vital nutrients could hinder not just physical growth, however interior development, mental performance, and repair service and also maintenance of creating cells. Immune systems can be depressed, also, leaving the youngster more vulnerable to infection and also disease” claims Dr. Arthur Furst Establishing Participant Emeritus, GNLD Scientific Advisory Board World Renowned Toxicologist & & Pharmacologist Scientific research study has accurately demonstrated that consisting of the appropriate nutrients in your youngster’s diet plan can have a significant effect on their physical in addition to intellectual growth as well as efficiency. Researches show that youngsters who eat a nutritious breakfast do better at college, yet lots of youngsters avoid breakfast. As a whole, those that have healthy and balanced consuming practices when young are more likely to have healthy and balanced diet plans as grownups too. KIDS THAT CONSUME BREAKFAST PERFORM BETTER AT INSTITUTION In a recent(2008)well-controlled research study in the UK, published in the British Journal of Nourishment, a 12-week daily multivitamin mineral supplementation in kids ages 8-14 years resulted in an enhanced interest activity efficiency compared to non supplemented equivalents. MULTI-VITAMIN MINERALS ENHANCE FOCUS AND ALSO BRAIN FUNCTION Calcium supplements, along with vitamin D plays

an important part in building strong and also healthy bones and also muscular tissues in kids. Current researches reported substantial gain in bone mass as well as muscle power in teen females. WOMEN THAT SUPPLEMENT THEIR DIETS WITH CALCIUM AND VITAMIN D EXPAND TALLER As Well As ARE STRONGER IN THEIR ADOLESCENTS According to study published in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and wellness as well as Medicine, everyday supplements of omega-3 as well as vitamin E were associated with enhancement in speech, replica, eye get in touch with and behavior in autistic children. OMEGA-3 & VITAMIN E MIX REVEALS PROSPECTIVE FOR IMPROVED SPEECH IN AUTISTIC KIDS A recent research study released in the journal Pediatric medicine showed that a daily supplements of Lactobacillus as well as Bifidobacterium strains could reduce the incidence of chilly as well as flu-like signs in youngsters by HALF. PROBIOTICS MAY LOWER COOL
As Well As FLU SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS IN CHILDREN Shortages of vital nutrients could hinder not just physical growth, yet internal advancement, mental efficiency, as well as repair work and also maintenance of creating cells. Immune systems can be depressed, as well

, leaving the kid a lot more at risk to infection and condition”. ZINC ASSISTS YOUNGSTERS ASSUME One more research showed that Zinc, connected normally with immune function may really aid children believe better. In the test, 11-year-olds that took 20mg zinc supplements for 5 days every week had far better psychological performance after three months compared to their schoolmates, as cited in a study by the US

Agricultural Research Service’s Grand
forks Human Nutrition Resea.rch Center in North Dakota in April 2005.12


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