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WARNING about Energy Drinks For More Energy

 Energy Drinks For More Energy

It’s simply mind boggling how rapidly the marketplace for energy drinks for more energy  has skyrocketed during the last decade.It has to imply that increasing numbers of people are desperate and want to feel more vitalized and alert during the day.

Are you one that love energy drinks for more energy?

If you wish to be more “awake” I want you to know that Health Canada lately released a powerful warning against the intake of energy drinks for more energy (like Red Bull, Monster, etc…). It will not be too long before other government agencies from around the globe will be doing the same.

Nowadays you cannot walk two feet in the grocery or convenience store without having to be inundated by a display of those energy drinks.

Try not to let their sexy messages of short lived mental performance or they might “provide you with wings” overshadow the actual danger they present. If you wish to enjoy all-day energy (not just a quick jolt) then I’d recommend first “figuring out” your energy level with this online quiz…

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Energy drinks for more energy warning

Energy drinks for more energy have been tagged with a strong caution among reviews of adverse responses  including cardiac problems and nerve effects!

If you would like more energy…without compromising your health…then consider this easier (and more healthy) method of doing so.Begin by seeing the way you measure up first with…

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Joe Golson


FYI – a 250-ml bottle of Coca-Cola contains 26 milligrams of caffeine. But a 75-ml bottle of Rockstar “energy shot” contains 200 mg of caffeine. A 355-ml can of Red Bull contains 113.6 mg of caffeine. This is dangerous stuff!
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