Qi Jing Ba Mai: A Clinical Practice Handbook Nei Dan Inner Meditation

The 8 remarkable channels are among the most fascinating, unclear as well as medically crucial aspects of Chinese medicine as well as Qigong. This book introduces the theory behind the channels, discusses their professional applications, as well as discovers their psycho-emotional as well as spiritual high qualities.

The author likewise explains how to plant the networks with Nei Gong. As a specialist of Chinese medicine or acupuncturist, the trick to producing reliable individual therapy strategies is having a broad understanding of the stations pathways as well as the points on the networks.

David Twicken gives treatment approaches, methods as well as study, supplying a range of approaches so as to provide the viewers a solid structure where to with confidence create excellent treatment plans. Providing a historic perspective as well as contemporary understandings, this publication will be important reading for novice as well as experienced specialists.

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