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Did mothers of the old south know how to prevent peanut allergy,or were they just doing what they had seen their mothers and grand mothers do ? I ask the question because of all  the recent publicity surrounding a report on preventing allergic reaction to peanut products.Keep on reading,you will see that there just may be a healthy alternative to prevent peanut allergy.

While watching the local news on television the other day,the lead story in the “Health Works” segment of the news was the release of the results of a research study on preventing peanut allergy.In the study done in Great Britain,the conclusion was introducing young children to peanut products at an early age may prevent the allergy.

When I heard this,I had a flashback to the time that I saw my mother take chewed prevent peanut allergypeanuts from her mouth and put it into my baby brother’s mouth.I was nine years old at the time and I thought this was so “gross”. To prevent peanut allergy,more mothers should be grossing out their kids

I now know that as most mothers of the old south was doing,my mother was practicing a healthy alternative.I wonder if she knew what she was doing would prevent peanut allergy.Or,it was because the young child liked peanuts,too

Now that I’m older,I’m amazed at all of the healthy alternative practices mothers of the old south has passed down from generation to generation.What’s even more amazing is the fact that it’s hard for modern medicine to recognize or accept that there is a place for healthy alternatives as we strive for better health and wellness.

This recently released peanut allergy report really bring to the fore front what “For Better Health Tips” has been saying all along. Mother earth has everything that is needed for our body to grow,repair, and rejuvenate itself.

We mess that up when we don’t follow the healthy living plan for man.By watching what we eat,getting daily exercise and proper rest. If we follow the healthy living plan we can prevent a lot of the chronic health problem that are prevalent in society today.

The worst allergic reaction is when someone goes into anaphylactic shock, which can lead to death if not treated promptly. Even if the allergy is not as severe as that, there is still the day to day discomfort of dealing with the allergy that will hamper the quality of life for anyone who has to live with an allergy.

As food allergies are increasing in children at an alarming rate,there is hope that the same principles used in the peanut allergy study can be applied to other allergies as well.It stand to reason that it work for peanuts,surely the process of introducing certain foods to your child at an early age will prevent other food allergies.

A childhood food allergy can be viewed as a serious malfunction in the immune system, an out of proportion response to a particular food source. Your body mistakenly think that something it has eaten, smelled or touched is dangerous to it and your body releases huge amounts of chemicals, such as histamine to keep itself safe.

It is estimated that more than 11 million people deal with food allergies everyday. 

These food allergies are as different as food itself is. Some people suffer from an allergy to one food, some to many. The most common food allergies are generally peanuts,tree nuts (such as walnuts), milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, wheat or soy.

Imagine what it would mean for a parent and the child who suffer with peanut allergy and other food allergies if all that is needed is to give the young child a taste of certain food products at an early age.

Mothers of the old south didn’t have a problem sharing chewed food with their child .Could you as a parent accept grossing out your 9 year old if you knew that you were preventing peanut allergy in the process?

Now,the real question is:”Did mothers of the old south have a healthy alternative to prevent peanut allergy”? Based on the research study done in England,I say “Yes”.

That’s just my opinion.What do you think.


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