How to Encourage Picky Eating Child to Eat Healthier

picky eating

If you’re dealing with an adult that don’t want to eat a healthy diet, you’re probably fighting a losing battle. But picky eating in kids is something you can fix, if you employ some sneaky and intelligent tips. Start using the following strategies to get your picky eating child to eat healthy foods. With a little creative thinking your fussy eater may just learn to love nutritious meals.

Creative Thinking Helps With Picky Eating

So your kid doesn’t like chicken. What if you allowed him to help you make chicken kabobs with his favorite veggies and fruits? Tell him he can help you cook them over a charcoal or gas grill. His ideas about chicken may change.  If your child hate tomatoes, try tomato soup or a tomato added to a blended or juiced beverage or smoothie. Put your thinking cap on and come up with creative ways to present healthy foods in a different light.

Start Young With Picky Eating

Do not just assume that your child will “grow out of” an unhealthy, picky eating phase. Start at a very young age introducing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and meats into your child’s diet. Incorporate a wide range of textures and flavors, as well as healthy drinks and beverages which taste and look different.

Changing the picky eating habits of a 2 year old might be difficult. But it improves that child’s health if you do it now, rather than waiting until he is older. Besides, years of supporting fussy eating habits do not make them any easier to break.

Use An Older Sibling As a Role Model For Picky Eating

Little boys and girls look up to their older brothers and sisters. Use this hero worship to your advantage. Get an older brother or sister to eat the mysterious, unfamiliar, “gross” food with your picky eater. Have the older child explain the “grow up and be big and strong like me” benefits. Then acceptance may come sooner than later.

Begin With Small Pieces

Your child is going to have to eat a single pea before he eats a single serving. Start small. A huge portion of an unfamiliar and possibly intimidating food can virtually guarantee your child will not even try it. Begin with pieces of food that are so small they make very little taste and texture impact. Tell them that is all you need them to try. Then follow up with our next picky eater tip when they do.

Reward Experimentation

Any time your child gives in and eats a new food, however small the portion, reward that behavior. If your child bravely eats a small piece of cheese , deliver a favorite food as a reward.

Stay the Course

Don’t give up. Children often have to try a new food numerous times before they begin to like it. Be persistent and the day will come when your child starts liking foods you have so diligently had him try.




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