How Nutrition Can Contribute to Pain Management

Using nutrition to combat pain has been part of the medical community’s recommendation for years. A good nutrition plan, combined with an exercise program can help with pain management, improve mobility and joint functions.

pain managementWeight management is often the goal in developing a good nutrition plan for people who suffer from arthritis, painful knee (or other) joints and inflammation associated with the skeletal structure of the body.

Research at Johns Hopkins University has proven that the ingestion of soy in a diet is effective in controlling pain management for those with long-term and painful illnesses. So far, the studies have only been in laboratory animals, but results in rats that are given a soy flour diet had less swelling in an injured area of its body.

The protein in soy seems to have properties that offer anti-inflammatory benefits for pain sufferers. More research needs to be done to determine how much soy a person would need to ingest to achieve the same results as the laboratory animals.

Scientific studies are now being performed to determine if modifications in diet, plus nutritional supplements can help those with certain medical disorders. After an appropriate program is identified, a nutritional expert can implement a diet designed to improve health and alleviate pain.

One of the most important benefits of nutritional supplements and a diet rich in helpful nutrients have helped some who suffer from pain to gradually reduce their intake of prescription drugs and/or have unnecessary surgery.

Most of us don’t get the vitamins and minerals we need in a normal modern-day diet, so nutritional supplements are required. For those of us who suffer from chronic pain, nutritional supplements can also be effective in relieving the pain and improving joint mobility.

Nutritional supplements such as flax seed (in oil, liquid or ground form), curcumin (a natural anti-inflammatory), and Vitamin B12 are found to be successful in managing pain. Athletes, the elderly and those who have suffered fractures and painful diseases can all benefit from positive dietary changes and nutritional supplements.

If you suffer from chronic pain, research your options to see what’s available and effective for your pain management.

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