Out of Your Mind: Essential Listening Alan Watts Audio Archives

Maybe greater than any other teacher in the West, Alan Watts accountable for firing up the passion of numerous wisdom applicants to the spiritual and also philosophical delights of Asia as well as India.

With Out of Your Mind: Easy listening from the Alan Watts Sound Archives, you are invited to submerse yourself in 6 of this fabulous teacher’s peak sessions on the best ways to get through¬†the restrictions of the sensible mind-and start broadening your understanding as well as recognition for “the Great Game” unraveling all around us.

For longer than forty many years, Alan Watts acquired a status as the main interpreter of Eastern philosophies for the West. Beginning at age sixteen, he pinned an essay for the journal for the Buddhist Lodge in London, he had a following of hundreds of thousands of fans who were enriched through his guides, tapes,fm radio and television, and open public lectures.

In all Watts wrote greater than twenty-five publications and captured hundreds of lecture and workshops, all building towards a personal viewpoint he shared in full candor and delight along with his viewers and audience through the world. His general works have provided a model of personal and identity-expression that may be matched up by few philosophers. He held fellowships from Harvard University as well as the Bollingen Foundation, and was Episcopal Chaplain at Northwestern University through the Second World war.

He started to be professor and dean from the American Academy of Asian Studies in San Francisco, he produced the t . v . series “Eastern Wisdom and Modern Life” for National Educational Television, and served as a free lance consultant for psychiatric hospitals and organizations, as well as the United States Air Force. Within the mid-sixties he traveled extensively together with his pupils in Japan, and visited Burma and Ceylon, and India.

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