Omega-3’s And Exercise Keep Your Brain Fit, Memory Clear And Sharp

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With the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease on the rise worldwide, researchers are busy trying to discover the causes behind this mysterious malady. It has long been known that diet plays an important role in brain health and function, but just how critically important is just now coming to light. For the first time, new discoveries show that omega-3 fatty acids act as brain protectors, too.

Publishing their findings in the October 1, 2005, issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation, researchers at Louisiana State University (LSU) have shown that the fish-derived omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is not only vital as a brain tissue building block, but it also exerts a protective effect against the neuro-degeneration and brain function decline associated with Alzheimer’s.

These important new discoveries prompted LSU Neuroscience Center of Excellence Director, Dr. Nicolas G. Bazan, to state, “DHA is an essential building block for the structure of brain cells, and now we are finding that this building block also makes a ‘golden brick’ [labeled NPD1, or neuro-protectin D1] that helps the life of the neurons to continue.”

After reviewing the data, other researcher Doctor. Greg M. Cole, Associate Director with the University of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine concurred, “This study shows that equally DHA and its NPD1 product or service are effective for treating human brain tissue and reducing the inflammation and toxicity from your toxin called beta amyloid which is widely shown to cause Alzheimer’s.”

Experts agree that assuring a minimum of 200 -300 mg of DHA daily is critical for long-term brain health and function. (The average North American gets only about 60 mg!).GNLD’s Omega-3 Salmon Oil™ and Omega-3™ Concentrate both deliver the complete goodness of Nature’s many abundant sources of fish-derived omega-3 fatty acids-and each recommended measure delivers Three hundred and sixty mg involving brain-protecting DHA

Though we have always known an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise keeps us physically fit, new research shows it keeps us mentally fit, as well. Addressing an audience of the world’s preeminent brain researchers attending the British Association for the Advancement of Science this past August, Professor Ian Robertson, Director of the Institute of Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin, told his audience, “The biggest threat to being able to function well and properly is our brains.” Robertson’s keys to long-term brain health and function: exercise, omega-3 fatty acids, and whole-food antioxidants!

In his investigations, regular exercise, avoiding high stress levels, a rich social life, and a diet rich in fruit and vegetable antioxidants and fish oil omega-3 fatty acids are important health goals we should all pursue. Fellow Trinity professor Dr.Marina Lynch underscored the importance of fish oil omega-3’s.

“Studies have identified the anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the restorative qualities of omega-3.” The biggest surprise in Dr. Lynch’s research has been the discovery that omega-3 appeared not only to replace anti-inflammatories that dwindle with age, but also to stem a corresponding rise in chemicals that cause cell inflammation in the first place.

Rest,  exercise, along with diet have  long been the core principles of the GNLD optimal health solution. GNLD’s Omega-3 Salmon Oil and Vitality Omega-3 Concentrate are the precise omega-3 nutrient resources the human body and brain will need and Mother nature intended for all of us to have. GNLD PhytoDefense, a unique and scientifically proven, whole-food phyto-nutrient complex (derived from 25 fruit and vegetable sources,) delivers broad protection, including antioxidants known to cross the blood-brain barrier and function as neuro-protective nutrients.

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