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Avoiding supplementation – what about vitamin D ?

Most doctors, nutritionists, and health experts agree that it’s better to get your nutrition from food. But what about vitamin D? That’s a nutrient that isn’t stored in your body, and it’s essential for many systems and functions. Your body can and does make vitamin D but you have to provide the ingredients, which are sunlight and calcium.

Most people wear sunscreen to protect themselves from skin cancer and aren’t outside in sunlight enough each day to get enough vitamin D. So that leaves it up to diet. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many foods that are high in vitamin D. With a little effort, however, you can add the following foods to your diet to get your vitamin D.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

About Vitamin D

* Fatty fish like mackerel or salmon
* Mushrooms
* Beef liver
* Cheese
* Egg yolks
* Fortified milk
* Fortified cereals
* Tofu
* Pork
* Soy alternative dairy products (they’re fortified)
* Caviar

Yes, if you were looking for an excuse to add caviar to your daily diet, then now you have one. You need your vitamin D.

Are you getting Enough Vitamin D

Signs that you aren’t getting enough vitamin D include a lack of energy, depression, and a weakened immune system. You can also go to your doctor and have a quick blood test to test your levels of vitamin D. Don’t be surprised if you’re low in this nutrient. Most people are.

Simply create a plan to get a little vitamin D into your diet every day. How much do you need? The U.S. daily value for vitamin D is 600 IU. One egg has 7 percent of your daily value. On the other hand, one portabella mushroom has 63 percent of your daily value. And a three-ounce piece of fatty fish has more than 100 percent of your daily value. Add a little fish and a little sunshine to your daily routine and you’ll have good levels of vitamin D.

Next time we’ll take a look at some tips to get vegetables into every meal and snack. It can be difficult to eat enough veggies, and a few tricks can help you out.

Good health is a valued asset – Don’t blow it.

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