Hakomi Mindfulness-Centered Somatic Psychotherapy Guide Book

Hakomi is undoubtedly an integrative method that combines Western system and psychology-focused techniques with mindfulness ideas from Eastern psychology. As a way to begin to utilize this process with consumers, this publication, edited and written by people in the Hakomi Institution- the world’s top rated professional training plan for Hakomi providers-and also experts and teachers from throughout the globe, features every one of the operations and practices that practitioners need to have.

The writers depth Hakomi’s special integration of body psychotherapy, mindfulness, and the Eastern philosophical principle of no-assault, grounding primary-benefit therapeutic technique inside an attentiveness into the whole guy as well as their ability for transformation.

This book, written and also modified by participants of the Hakomi Institute– the world’s leading specialist training program for Hakomi specialists– and by specialists as well as teachers from around the world, introduces all the procedures and also methods that therapists requirement in order to begin to use this technique with clients.

The authors information Hakomi’s unique assimilation of physical body psychiatric therapy, mindfulness, and the Eastern philosophical principle of non-violence, basing advanced therapeutic method in an attentiveness to the entire person as well as their ability for improvement.

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