GNLD’s Scientific Advisory Board Answers Your Important Health Questions

Thirty years ago, GNLD’s industry-leading Scientific Advisory Board [SAB] was founded by world-renowned toxicologist and cancer specialist Dr. Arthur Furst. Gnld SAB members conduct leading-edge research. In addition, they attend many of the world’s most important scientific meetings and seminars , where they often present GNLD research data.

Today,they are answering your health questions

Question. I just read the content articles in the News You need to use about children and weight problems, and the GR2 Control diet program. At what age may children make use of the GR2 Control diet routine?

Answer. Obesity is of deep deep concern due to the increase in the U.S. and also other developed countries. Nonetheless, youngsters usually go through cycles when they put on pounds then drop it through growth times.We suggest discussing weight loss while using child’s physician before starting the GR2 Management Weight Loss Program. If your child’s physician agree  that your child’s weight has turned into a health concern, GR2 is an ideal solution.

For a finicky eater, GR2 Manage Meal Alternative Protein Smoothies could be a great start to every day.When kids don’t want to consume breakfast, or possibly there is no time for a “traditional” breakfast, GR2 is a healthful, delicious, along with nutritious choice over fast food, doughnuts, as well as sugar-filled energy bars.

Question. Simply how much soy protein should be eaten to benefit cardiovascular health? Which  GNLD protein drinks contain soy protein?

Answer. Both the American Heart Association and the FDA recommend an eating plan containing 25 grams of soy protein a day to be beneficial to heart health. The particular unfortunate truth of this recommendation is that it does not have a recommended way of getting the suggested amount each day.

Fortunately, GNLD has addressed this issue with our All-vegetable Protein Health supplement. A single serving of All-vegetable Protein provides over 16 grams of  heart-healthy soy proteins in a delicious, easy-to-consume drink. GNLD boasts several other protein products that incorporate soy protein. GR2 Meal Substitution Shake, High quality Protein, and NouriShake can help you or perhaps your customers fill up daily holes in soy products protein absorption.

Question. I read that after change of life women have high risk of heart disease and brittle bones. What do a person suggest?

Answer.Women absolutely do have a higher risk of developing heart disease and weak bones after menopause, and it’s at present a major well being concern. Fortunately women that follow eating plans rich in particular nutrients could decrease their own risk of developing these ailments.

GNLD’s Healthy Heart Program, along with one of our calcium products, is an excellent beginning. For optimal heart safety, we suggest Omega III Salmon Oil or even Concentrate, along with Vitamin E Plus, Garlic Allium Complex, Lipotropic Adjunct, Flavonoid Complex, Carotenoid Complex, and a Multi Fiber Combination.

GNLD offers four different calcium supplements products to meet the wide variety of our customer’s needs for osteoporosis prevention. For instance, Neo-Cal and Vitality Calcium Plus are designed for high effectiveness, whereas Chelated Cal-Mag (available in tablets or even capsules) is actually formulated for optimal absorption.

Finally, we want to stress that prevention is the vital thing to keeping away from cardiovascular disease and also osteoporosis; the particular role of nutritional using supplements is to prevent disease-not to treat it.

Question. I’ve been getting more and more request  for supplements that contain Vitamin D. Why do you think which is? If we need vitamin D, why don’t most GNLD supplements contain it?

Answer. The latest focus on osteoporosis and supplementing the diet has raised public awareness of Vitamin D as well as its  role in human nutrition. GNLD Scientific Advisory Board has known for years that vitamin D plays a critical tasks in optimal health,wellness  and disease prevention.

Vitamin D is an exclusive and vitally important nutrient which may be obtained from 2 different sources: diet along with sunlight. If you are someone who gets outside in the sun on a daily basis , you probably have an adequate amount of vitamin D in your body to boost calcium assimilation.

If you eat hardly any or absolutely no foods which might be a good sources of vitamin D, and you reside in a physical location that does not acquire much sunlight, you may not find enough vitamin D. Should you be unsure of the vitamin D status, it will always be a good idea to require a supplement.

GNLD carries a number of products that contain Vitamin D: Formula IV®, Formula IV Plus, Stress 30, Sports 30, Active 40+, Cod Liver Oil, Cal-Mag® Supplements,Multi-Min, Vegetarian Multiple, Vita Squares, Liqui-Vite®, along with GR2 Control Meal Replacement Protein Shakes.

For the complete list of GNLD Whole Food Products that are based in nature and backed by science look no further than GNLD Product Store



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