Giving Yourself A Health Boost By Eating Organic Lunch Snack

The term organic food is used to describe foods that are grown on safe soil. They are modified in the littlest way. Through bioengineering, crops are modified in order to enhance their properties and improve production. Organic food are also grown separately from other plants. In their cultivation, a farmer must avoid fertilisers based on petroleum and sewage sludge. Farmers can only rely on natural fertilisers such as compost or organic manure. Growing organic crops means that the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited.

Furthermore, organically bred livestock have various requirements. For instance, they must be allowed to roam freely. Farm animals like cows need to graze. Moreover, they can only be fed on organic livestock feed. As a result, they cannot be allowed to eat any animal by-products such as pig and chicken by-products. Growth hormones for animals are banned too. Vaccines are the only medicines allowed for animals. As a natural method to pest control, farmers use rotational grazing. During processing of organic food, processes like irradiation, the use of industrial solvents and chemical additives are avoided.

All these measures are taken because whereas many people place an emphasis on healthy eating, the nature in which food crops are cultivated and processed has a huge impact on the eventual chemical composition of the finished product which ends up on store shelves. It also has a bearing on the environmental impact of growing food crops because chemical sprays have been known to affect local ecosystems. Toxic pesticides can also float on the wind and pollute the environments in faraway places.

There are many benefits associated with eating organic food despite the fact that their cost is generally higher compared to that of conventionally grown foodstuffs. There are a great reduction to the presence of pesticides in food. Studies have shown that many individuals have what medical experts term as the chemical body burden, an accumulation of pesticides resulting from years of consuming farm produce that has been sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. Another benefit is the reduction of pollution in the environment, making it more friendly to both animal and plant life. Organic manure increases soil fertility by adding humus. Fresh produce from organic farms is safer for pregnant women as foetuses are unduly exposed to chemicals that may impair their development. There are no preservatives as well.

Lunch snack usually contains a variety of fruits and vegetables. Berries, eggs, salads, cucumbers, lettuce, and various whole grain products are among the most common. Beef and chicken are the usual meat snacks. These food products are mostly exposed to chemicals. Using organically grown ingredients for lunch snack is an effective way of countering this challenge. Berries, cherries, kales, carrots, apples, and celery are actually in the top ten category of fruits and vegetables with the highest exposure to chemicals from pesticides. To safegaurd your health, there is no better way than consuming organic food and eating the right way.

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