Foot Care

Your feet do so much work and are usually the most ignored part of your body. Healthy feet are necessary for a good posture. You health routine will be incomplete without proper foot care.


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Are you ignoring your feet? If you are taking care to drink ample water and eat nutritious food, then you should also develop a good foot care regiment to look after yourself. Here is how to make sure your feet remain healthy and take you around for a long time to come:

–          Moisturize and Nourish. Vitamin E, glycerin, sunflower oil, lanolin, beeswax, shea butter or cocoa butter, these are all good ingredients for foot care creams that will help. A cream based foot care works best for moisturizing. Avoid creams with camphor.

–          Cucumbers for Feet. Your feet will benefit from cucumber extract. You can also use actual cucumber mashed up and applied on feet.

–          Oils. Your feet can also benefit from coconut oil. Apply it overnight and wear comfortable socks to get the best results. Lavender essential oil is another great remedy. Use a cocoa butter or olive oil base and add few drops of lavender essential oil.

–          Proper Support. Your feet don’t like being inside shoes that are painful or constricting. Cushioned, supportive foot wear works great. Buy shoes that fit well. Your feet will love comfort shoes.  

–           Home Remedies. You can use some natural treatments too. If you want a natural fungicide you can use tea tree essential oil. Honey is a wonderful antibactericidal and antiseptic. You can use Sal Tree as a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent. A Vitamin E capsule can provide feet amazing nourishment when added to lotions or creams.  

–          Foot Massage. Massage can really give your feet some well deserved rest and they can be the best thing for curing many pains and ache in your feet. A nice tantra massage London session can have many benefits and relax your exhausted feet.  


Use a foot bath or soak made with Epsom salts and use regular softening products like cocoa butter to keep your feet looking great. Wearing comfortable shoes and getting a regular tantric massage London session can be a great idea too. Take a massage London from Pearl London!

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