Can Massage Cure Back Relief?

It’s interesting how a simple alternative therapy has provided the medical world with a miraculous back pain cure. Massage has now been proven to provide back relief better than pain medications. This truth was published by the Seattle based Health Research Institute in the Annals of Internal Medicine. Four hundred people were part of this study and they all suffered from severe lower back pain. Out of these 400, female, Caucasian middle aged women formed the most part. Part of the group was given special massage therapy while the other half was kept on medication.


Book adult massage London today- After all the skepticism that alternative treatment methods like meditation, hypnotherapy and adult massage London had received from various populations, but now even The New York Times supported the recent findings, concluding that traditional physical therapy, pain pills and muscle relaxants were found to be less effective than relaxation and structural massage sessions. This conclusion was derived over a ten week period during which three groups of people were offered three different therapies: structural massage, traditional care and relaxation massage. One hour of massage therapy had an outcome of better pain improvement than other therapies.  


It was also concluded that structural massage was less effective than relaxation massages. In a relaxation massage, a Swedish massage for example or even an adult massage London session, provides body wide relaxation while structural massage uses only particular back pain related muscles. The improved functioning of people who were on massage therapy was long lasting. The benefits were longer lasting than structural physiotherapy and any other traditional methods.


To be honest, no one has quite figured out why this happens but one theory states that central nervous system response generation might be the answer. They say that this kind of improvement may also be the outcome of a relaxing setting and the deep positive effect of just letting things go. When all else fails, author and researcher Daniel Cherkin says that massage therapy should be used as a remedy for back pain. It should be an alternative therapy recommended to patients who have not found relief from pain medication. Choose the best adult massage London.

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