All About Natural Health & Wellness And The GNLD Family Brand Equity

For many years, we’ve proudly represented the name – GNLD – a title that reflects the unification of three formerly independent companies: Golden, NeoLife, and Diamite. The direct results of this unification was to solely concentrate on the GNLD title,with virtually no reference to the former company names.

Today, we’re returning the Golden,NeoLife, and Diamite company names in the form of brands.These brands are proof of our heritage in addition to new strides into the future.

GNLD Brand Equity

Through researching the market and exploration we’ve recognized these brands still carry a lot of brand equity within the many regions which were first introduced to our products prior to the formation of GNLD.We intend to take advantage of this untapped brand equity in addition to concentrate on building elevated recognition in our group of brands in all regions that we operate in.

The GNLD Group Of Brands

The reemergence of the GNLD group of brands is going on with the rebranding in our nutritionals and home care  product lines. Golden now signifies the house care and our dietary items now come under the excellence from the NeoLife brand. GNLD will remain the company’s name under which the others reside.

Many other successful companies have adopted this strategy such as PepsiCo, who has brands like Aquafina, Quaker Oats,and Frito Lay. Even other companies in the direct selling and health and wellness industries have embraced a family of brands.

Distributors all over the world have been requesting a strategic move like this one and we feel now is the perfect time to implement it. For our customers we are confident that this decision will lead to great opportunities among distributors and in the industry. We thank you for your dedication to GNLD and look forward to a bright future as we take this journey together.

Joe L.Golson
Independent GNLD Distributor

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